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CSA share - Lion's Mane

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Pre-purchase a guaranteed share of our next Lions Mane production run.

We will open sales on the date we move our blocks from incubation into the fruiting room. Projected harvest date is 3-4 weeks after this date for the first flush (the largest yield in the run). 

A run will be 20 blocks, but only 80% is available for pre-purchase to account for potential non-productive blocks. Each CSA share will be equal to the average production of one block from the first flush, after removing any non-producing blocks.  Unsold shares may be offered to other CSA shareholders, if all blocks are fully producing.

CSA pre-sold shares are not refundable, but they are transferrable. 

As second and third flushes are far less predictable, they are not included in the CSA share pricing. We may keep the blocks in production for a 2nd and 3rd flush, which will be available for sale in the store as regular products in the month following our projected harvest date. 

Fresh Lion’s Mane Mushroom

We grow hyperlocal food providing fresh gourmet culinary mushrooms. Grown in Calgary, sourced in Canada. Pick up in NW Calgary or local delivery. Keep watch for our crop share program for fresh Lion’s mane mushrooms directly to you.

Fresh Oyster Mushroom

Grown in Calgary, sourced in Canada. Pick up in NW Calgary. Order online for local delivery in Calgary.

Lab and STEM Supplies

Sterile Petri dishes, clean poured agar plates, grow your own mycelium, and a variety of different genetics. We offer educational workshops and mentorship programs, please contact us.

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For inquiries and special orders please connect with us.

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